Acrylics/Mixed media

Paintings by Marc Korf

It is good to see you

Why art?

Because it is powerful!

Have you ever stood in front of a painting and asked a friend:

What do you see in this?

Something is about to happens you are about to share hearts. Art open the heart, and engages!

About Marc
Why art?
Art intrigues

Art intrigues

My work relates to abstract-expressionism. I set out to explore the unknown, to find whatever it holds. Spontaneous movements are essential to experience that thin line, a narrow gate, where the spirit takes you by the hand. 

Contact Marc
    Gallery: Acrylics on canvas, depth 2/3 cm. Click images below.
    Contact me for more detailed information on the paintings, prizes and delivery.


    ‘You never made a piece of art that did not move me.’

In a sentence

Marc Korf is a creator who enriches people’s lives through art.





3rd person present: enriches

Improve or enhance the quality or value of. “her exposure to museums enriched her life in France”


enhance, make richer, improve, add to, augment, supplement, complement, boost, upgrade, reinforce.



In a sentence


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