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'Where the spirit works with the hand there is art.'

Do you like art?

Have you ever stood in an art gallery and asked a friend:
What do you see in this?
Something precious happens in that moment as you both open your hearts and share what you see. That is how vision is born. Art helps to open your heart and perceive the matters of life. Art shows where we are going. Wherever in a gallery, or the living room.

Art with a voice, will speak new every time. 

About Marc
Do you like art?
Art belongs on a wall

Art belongs on a wall

My work relates to abstract-expressionism; exploring the unknown. During the creative process I make spontaneous movements by faith. I do not lean on technical abilities; I leap and trust that the expression that the painting is, waits to manifest. In this way I provoke what is present in the conscious mind and make myself available to create from an exploration of ‘the unknown’. I work with acrylics which I mix with a variety of materials like glues and oils. There are no rules. It is about freedom of expression! 

A wall with art gives a great opportunity for heartily conversation. Can I help you to find your artwork? Contact me, I look forward to receive your message. 

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    Gallery: Acrylics on canvas, depth 2/3 cm. Click images below.
    Contact me for more detailed information on the paintings, prizes and delivery.


    ‘You never made a piece of art that did not move me.’

A Gift For You

For a limited time only!

Decided for a painting? A gift is waiting for you! With the painting you receive a signed & dedicated copy of ‘My Heart is an Elephant’. This book is a wonderful collection of heartfelt parables & fables. I am happy to be able to make this available.

A Gift For You


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