I grew up at the doorstep of the North Sea in a town called IJmuiden (Netherlands). We lived in a massive concrete flat, seven high. I remember vividly the howling wind arriving from sea, sound of waves. These rhythms, the fluidity of wind and water, are pivotal for what inspires me: that primal Genesis 1 experience.

Yet in the midst of chaos, we look for places where eyes find rest. Calmness after flood. Da Vinci said: where the Spirit works with the hand, there is art. I am expanding, exploring, trusting, finding. Powerful, intimate and authentic.

Be blessed with the visions you find on this website. Some were created more than 15 years ago… What a journey! Emotions, questions and answers. What is art that I keep coming back for more? Is it not a language of journey? 

Thanks to those whose support kept me going, you know who you are.

Have a great journey and Remember: look up, there is always hope. 

Marc Korf

Mesdag Collection – Den Hague.